Preview of *.log files


when I want to preview a *.log file, the preview show an error that file can't be loaded as picture (or something similar, because I'm running DO in other language). The log is a simple textfile and file extension is associated with notepad++. How can I tell DO that text *.log should be previewed as text (like xml or any other text) and not as picture.

Thanks for your help.

Find the Viewer Plugin that is associated with .txt files.

Add the extension .log.

Sorry, can't be more specific than that. It depends on what you have installed on your PC that is picking up these things. In my case, it is QuickView Plus which appears in various places in the Active X and MultiView plugins.

Could you zip and attach a sample log file that isn't being viewed properly?

The text viewer should automatically handle text files, provided they really are plain text (ASCII or Unicode). No configuration is required. But it's possible the file is not plain text.

@michaelkenward: Well, all Viewer plugins are disabled, except Text-File Thumbnails and Text Viewer Plugin (which have . and can't add any file extension), thanks anyway.

@leo: I think I found the problem causing this. When I copy the log file, I'm able to view it. The program writing this log is still running and holds a file handle (SysInternals ProcessExplorer finds open handles to the log file). Does DO Viewer trying to open the file exclusive or with write permissions? It must be something like this prevent the Viewer to open/view the file content. No problem to open the file with notepad++.

summary: It looks like DO Viewer can't open/view files, where another process have a open handle.

Yes, if the file is locked for writing then the viewer will fail to open it.

IMO this shouldn't fail, what do you think?

It was not doing this here. That is why I had to add .log to my set of extensions.