Preview office files without Internet Explorer

Internet explorer was discontinued on June 15, 2022.
My new notebook has instead the browser Microsoft Edge.
I do not habe MS Office, but I have Open Office (pre installed from the seller of the notebook / I was used to libreoffice and could change to it)
This is my configuration at the moment:

If I click on an *.odt file this is shown on red background:

This Microsoft Office document could not be displayed.
This could mean one of the following:

  • Microsoft Office is not installed.
  • Office is installed, but its preview handler is broken.
  • Office's preview handler could not open this particular file.
  • Anti-malware software is blocking access to the document.
    Repairing or (re-)installing Microsoft Office is recommended if:
  • File Explorer's preview pane also cannot display the document.
  • The problem affects all documents of the same type.

What to do to enable preview of office files?

Microsoft Office is required to view Office documents. Nothing else has a viewer for those document formats (other than QuickView Plus, which now costs a similar amount to Office itself).

(Internet Explorer, Edge and other web browsers aren't involved here.)

Thanky for quick replay.
I see that I have written in a misleading way.
With "office" files I mean text files of the business (Office), so in my case the files of OpenOffice and LibreOffice (so for example: .odt)

I get MS Office files only very rarely and convert them immediately to .odt etc.

I’m not sure if there are any viewers for Open Office. It included a viewer in the very early days but it was quickly abandoned and stopped working. Last I looked they had not fixed it or made a replacement, but I haven’t looked recently.

It’s a question better sent to the Open Office developers. If they have a viewer which works in File Explorer, it should also work in Opus.

Before I started to write here, I found this website:
but it did noch work for me.

The Open Office (LibreOffice) developers abandoned that viewer 10 or more years ago. It doesn't work today.

The only options I know of are Microsoft Office and QuickView Plus. How well those do with Open Office formats these days, I am not sure. It's a while since I tried that combination.