Preview Pane preventing Delete & Save action of Files

I have an Opus Licence.
I am facing a problem as described below
When I have the preview pane on, together with the regular split windows, I am unable delete / save the files (MS word, dwg etc).
I need to close preview pane, and then delete / save.
This is cumbersome, when we need to check the files looking at preview and delete/save as necessary.
Kindly Advice

Go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, and turn on the Open Temporary Copies option for the viewer(s) you are having problems with.

Note that preview handlers should not lock files while they are viewing them. It is part of the API specification that they do not lock the files. So if you are seeing this problem with a preview handler, you should complain to the authors of it. On the other hand, things like ActiveX plugins are not required to avoid locking files. In either case, the Open Temporary Copies option can be used as a workaround.

Its resolved for now.
Let me do some more exercise with it and come back in case of difficulties.