Preview pdf file

Hello everyone I no longer have an overview of the pdf files where it can come from ?? (:

Is your choice of PDF viewer working in File Explorer's viewer pane?

If it's not working there either, you probably just need to reinstall the viewer. (e.g. Adobe Reader.)

Hello Leo
No in the viewer it does not work.
Reinstaler Foxit reader the software works well but in the opus pane no visualization just the foxit phantom icon

Is it working in File Explorer?

no more

You'll need to ask Foxit for help, if reinstalling Foxit wasn't enough and it isn't working in File Explorer either.

Only they can tell you why their viewer might not be working.

Or, alternatively, try a different PDF viewer. But it should be possible to repair Foxit if it was working before and you ask them for help.

thank you
I will change my viewer
thank you again for being so quick

I have recovered another is his walk
Thanks for your advice
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: