Preview pdf in DOpus 64-bit

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and DOpus 64-bit. I'm also running Nuance's PDF Converter 7 Professional and have it set as my default pdf viewer. My problem is that whenever I preview a pdf from within DOpus (using the Active-X plugin and setting 32-bit IE 8 as the program to open the file) the Nuance installer runs (irritatingly, it also runs when I close the preview pane). Whether I let it run its course or cancel it the preview eventually works with an embedded PDF Converter window.

When I view/open a pdf from within IE 8 32-bit, this does not happen - the viewer window simply opens in a tab displaying the pdf. I suspect that this is an issue with using a 32-bit program, PDF Converter Pro, within an embedded 32-bit IE window, within DOpus 64-bit.

Anyone else having a similar problem or, better, is there a workaround/fix?

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PS I am open to suggestions for alternative PDF viewers that other users can confirm work from within DOpus 64-bit without this issue. I have not tried Nuance's cut-down PDF Viewer as I suspect that the same issue will apply.



Sorry - I can't find an "edit" function once a post has been made.

I also wanted to clarify that one big issue for me is that in addition to the Nuance installer running each time I try to preview a pdf there are two additional problems:

  1. The happens if I click on a different pdf within the same folder. That is, the installer runs (or not if I manage to cancel it in time) and the embedded viewer displays my pdf. I then click on a different pdf and the whole thing happens over again! Even if I have already previewed the follow-on pdf. Grr...
  2. This is unrelated to DOpus but still... if I have Outlook running the installer stops, warns me that I need to close Outlook, and waits for me to do so. This is the main reason I am interested in fixes/workarounds/alternatives as I don't even have the luxury of ignoring the installer until it's done doing its thing.

Venting over and out.


BTW I have a license for QuickView Plus Standard and it is installed. However, I cannot make it work with Multiview on my system.

The old Multiview plugin doesn't work in 64-bit, as there are no 64-bit viewers available. If you have the latest version of Quick View Plus (11) then you can use its preview handler inside Opus x64: ... -opus.html

Or just install Acrobat Reader, which also has a preview handler that works inside Opus (it used to be broken on x64, but apparently the current version now works - if not, see ... index.html).

If you want to keep the Nuance thing as well, it may be possible to have both installed by installing Acrobat Reader first, and then reinstalling Nuance - assuming that Nuance doesn't install a preview handler, the Acrobat one should be unaffected by Nuance taking over the default action for PDF files.

Thanks, Jon. I disabled all other viewers and rebooted and QVP works as advertised :smiley:

PS for anyone else taking the QVP 11 route, you MUST have the Active-X plug-in enabled!