Preview & Thumbnail for PSD not working


I cant seem to get the preview for PSD files to work. I have tired re-seting the default aps chanign the default to diffrent program but nothing seems to work.

Window 11
Opus 12.28

PSD previews require that the PSD files include a flattened copy of the image, which was optional in some versions of Photoshop. (Called "compatibility mode" when saving, if I remember correctly. I think it is always on in current versions but was optional for many years.)

If the PSD files were saved without those, very few tools will be able to view or thumbnails them. (Re-saving them should fix them, although I would keep a backup in case of issues with fonts or effects changing between Photoshop versions, if they are old files.)

Im using the most recent version of photoshop but I see if saving them again makes it work

Here's a zip with some .psd files which I know work, if that helps test things: (1.8 MB)

Within the zip:

  • IW-Template-002 Hard-Drives_v2.psd
  • IW-Template-002 Hard-Drives_v2_Q.psd