Previous file staying selected when creating a new file

I'll try to explain as best I can...

When you right click on an empty space in a lister, you get the context menu. This will include New>Text Document.

I have a menu item on a toolbar which has this context menu displayed. So I select menu item on toolbar, new, Text document.

Now, say I have a file selected in lister, now I go to my menu, chose New>Text document, a text document is placed in the list for me to name. I name the file and then press enter to open it. The problem is, when the file is created/when you enter the name for the file, the previous selections are not de-selected. Therefore when I press enter on my new .txt file, all other files are also opened, not just my newly created .txt file. This didnt use to happend in DOpus 9 (im not 90% sure of it! hehe).

Also the problem doesnt occur when you use the context menu directly in the lister (right clicking on empty space in lister), as part of right-clicking the files are deselected.

Does anyone know a workaround ?


Once you've entered the filename and pressed enter to rename it, press space to make that item the only selection.

I just tried that and it didnt do anything :frowning:

Is there an option anywhere that can alter this behaviour? Im sure it didnt do it in Opus 9.

Yes you're right, sorry. Maybe I've misremembered how the keyboard handling is supposed to work.
It's a bit more clumsy but you can press cursor down/up (or up/down) and that should work.

You could menu item (or whatever you want) that runs this:

Select NONE FileType NEW=.txt

[quote="leo"]You could menu item (or whatever you want) that runs this:

Select NONE FileType NEW=.txt[/quote]

Well I did think about doing this, might well give it a go! Thanks.