Print Folder - Find File Collection

I'm using the preference "Print Folder" and it works better than perfect. When in Opus I have my "Folder Collections" displayed in my tree but not while in "Print Folder".

I have found that if I highlight an item in my "Folder Collection" list it will be displayed when I go to "Print Folder" Source Folder: as coll://!MST-SYS, the item that is highlighted. Lve it as it is. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

But if I select "Browse" while in "Print Folder", the "Select Folder" that appears does not show the "File Collection" list. Am I missing something or is that the only way it works.

I don't think the Select Folder dialog includes collections, at least not in its main tree, but you don't need to use it. Just go to the collection and then open the Print Folder dialog and it'll be in the right place already. You can also use the drop-downs at the top of the Select Folder dialog to select things that are open in any current tab, favorites, and so on.

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Thanks for the help.