Print Folder - Folders & Subfolders Only?

Does anyone know how - or even if it is possible - to print a list of subfolders within a directory/folder and to include the subfolder sizes?

Presently all I can find in DOpus is how to print a list of a given folder's contents - meaning all files within that folder.

What I am trying to do, in part, is manage how I organize my user files, primarily in the My Documents directory on a machine running Windows XP Pro. I do have a utility called "Print Directory" which does print either files, folders, or both but it does not have the ability to show the folder/subfolder size. I think that since size is only shown for files in Windows Explorer, this utility only sees file sizes but not folder sizes.

While I cannot see any direct way to do this in DOpus, I am guessing that it might be possible using either a filter or a raw command. I have tried several but I am not getting what I am hoping to get! (If you haven't guessed by now, I am not well-versed in raw commands, scripts, etc.!)

What I have done in the past is to maximize the screen and use screen captures. But I have to do it several times, as I have about 130 subfolders in My Documents, and many more subfolders of those.

I appreciate any suggestions offered.



The Opus print folder command can do this which is by default (I think) under the Tools section of the menu. Run print folder and set it up like I show it in the screen grab below. The box on the left is the main print folder configuration dialog while the one on the right defines the filter you will need to use to only show folders.

The GUI here seems to indicate that all file/folder fields are left justified .
The textfile output though is a different story no matter if files or folders.
Do you see the same, or am I doing something wrong ?


Thanks John. Not sure why I couldn't find that Folders Only filter.

Much appreciated!


Mine are indented in the output file Zippo, just as I'd expect them to be.

Jim, glad you got it sorted out. :smiley: