Print Folder function - save settings?

Please could someone at Opus help me and explain how I can save my "Print Folder" settings.
I'd like to save/export the settings that I have made to print a list of files from a directory, so that I can retrieve/import the settings later when I need them again.
Thanks in advance

The Print command has arguments that should let you automate every aspect without the dialog opening at all.

The exact command and arguments you need will depend on exactly what you want to do.

For setting up the columns to export, you can create a Favorite Format under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats with the columns and widths* you want, and then refer to that format in the command via the FORMAT=... argument.

(* The widths only matter if you're using a plain-text output and not outputting to a .CSV file or similar.)

Thanks Leo. However, I'm afraid either I did not make myself clear or I don't understand your reply.
The "Print/Export Folder contents" settings are quite complex - eg there are different views, whether to include sub-folders, what size the different resulting columns should be, font, where the file goes to, whether it is Text or CSV format, etc. etc.
Setting that up takes a long time playing around with different options to get right. And the setting might be different depending what the source folder and for different jobs.
At the moment the last settings are what is "remembered" by Opus when the "Print/Export Folder contents" tool is next opened/used.
Those are the settings I would like to save/backup somewhere, so that I can retrieve them again whenever I've changed the settings in the "Print/Export Folder contents" tool.
You mention a Favorite Format, which may be what I need, but I don't understand the rest of your answer, i.e. how to create a favorite, or the bit about command Format = argument.
I have never used an internal Command in Opus - that is above my comfort level - but the Print command seems to me to produce the same result as clicking on the Tools | Print / Export Folder Listing.
I hope I have clarified my question. Sorry if I'm a bit thick!

The Print command has arguments to control all of those things.

Maybe we could add something in the dialog which produces the command-line for the way it is currently set up (although that would need some way to define the columns/format, which we don't currently have, unless it automatically created a folder format, which I think would be messy).

There isn't a way to load/save presets in the dialog itself, although that isn't a bad idea.

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That would be fantastic!

Thanks Leo
That may be a useful idea, but way out of my league.
It's not a big issue, so for now I shall do things the old fashioned way, and write down the settings I need to keep.
Thanks for your help