Print folder list to clipboard with fixed width font like courier

Hello, I tried to make a scipt to export the folder list to the clipboard for inserting it in an e-mail. I like to do it with a fixed width font like "Courier" for a better appearance of the columns.
I tried at first:
Go "A:__Export"
Set SORTBY=name
Print FOLDER TO=clip AS=txt QUIET

This worked fine but uses the current font of the e-mail. Than I tried:

Print FOLDER Courier,12 TO=clip AS=txt QUIET
with no success.

When I try to print it to the printer all is working fine, for example:
Print FOLDER Courier,12 QUIET

How can I specify the font type for the clipboard?

Opus just puts plain text on the clipboard with no font or formatting at all. You should be able to change the font for it in your email program once you've pasted it in.

Ok, one step more then. Thank you very much.