Print Folder with filter?


have a button but unfortunately does not work as desired...
but have no idea why:

PRINT FOLDER FILTER "!Dateiliste.txt" QUIET FLATVIEW=grouped TO=".\!Dateiliste.txt" FORMAT=!default

So the file list is created - so far no problem, but in the !Dateiliste.txt the !Dateiliste.txt with 0 bytes is present, so it is listed. But the filter should actually prevent that the file list is included in the *.txt or not? in any case I find for it unfortunately small solution... Does anyone have any advice? Thanks a lot!

That filter would only include things named !Dateiliste.txt, which seems to be the opposite of your aim?

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oh Yes, thats not my aim... but with a tilde "~" before Dateiliste.txt unfortunately does not work too ...
what can i do?

and... if i link my serial, is the number saved anywhere or just to proof the use of the Pro version?

Thank you

It isn't saved anywhere new. The forum account name is just associated with the existing registration details.

Ok, now its linked

Now, it works but.... why?
the code:
PRINT FOLDER FILTER ~(*!Dateiliste.txt) QUIET FLATVIEW=grouped TO=".\!Dateiliste.txt" FORMAT=!default
the symbol * must be absolutely directly before the !Dateiliste.txt, otherwise it does not work.
But why? shouldn't it theoretically work without asterisks?

It's because ~(xyz) on its own doesn't trigger the wildcard mode automatically. Currently it only triggers for strings containing * and ? (since those are not valid filename characters, they must be part of a wildcard).

We'll expand that to include | as well, but making it use ~ or ( or ) now could cause problems with existing commands, since those are also valid filename characters.

So we'll also make it so you can explicitly ask for a wildcard using wild:~(xyz).

In 12.25.1 beta (note: not 12.25), we'll aim to make this work:

PRINT FOLDER FILTER="wild:~(!Dateiliste.txt)" QUIET FLATVIEW=grouped TO=".\!Dateiliste.txt" FORMAT=!default

(Of course, the solution you've already found should be fine as long as you don't have files that end in !Dateiliste.txt with something else before it.)

Many thanks!

Oh supper.
It works like a charm.
many thanks for your fast and professional support!
I Love Directory Opus - I hope it will accompany me for many more years.