Privacy in OPus 9


Does anyone know how to clear MRU's in directory opus 9? Additionally how does one clear other privacy related options that I might not be aware off? :slight_smile:

With the move to a new type of configuration, I'm unsure how to implement the privacy options I used for version 8: ... ht=privacy ... ht=privacy


Well, it's all in XML baesd file data now... I think there were some similar questions recently on the forums already about some of the things (like find history, etc). The Recent CLEAR command still works the same...

And aside from that, I think most of the old registry entry stuff you were used to before have more or less direct 'file based' counterparts. A good place to start to sniff this info out would be in the /dopusdata and /dopusglobaldata folders (might be the same folder depending on your install mode, single/all user mode)...

Out of curiosity, did you ever actually file a feature request to GPSoft to have a built-in generic MRU clear function added?

At this point, it might be sort of unecessary... seeing as how we should be able to find out most of this stuff from the config files. In the case if any files have OTHER stuff than MRU related data, then it might be a case to have a manually 'cleaned' version of the config file that can be copied into place in case it's otherwise got stuff you want/need in it and shouldn't be wholesale deleted just to get rid of MRU type stuff. I've got a baically 'clean' exported config backup that I use as a reference... and after I've made changes to my Opus config, I do a new 'Backup' then unzip my reference config and new config backups, COMPARE them for changes I want to keep, and leave out all the transient stuff that may have changed like state data and other stuff... including any MRU type stuff... then copy my desired changes over the top of my older 'reference' backup... rezip and presto I have an updated but 'clean' config export I can restore whenever I want.