Problem creating New Library

Using Win 8 64 bit.

I created a new library and added a folder to it.
It shows up in Windows Explorer, but when viewed in Dopus it is empty - even though the 'properties' tab shows the correct folder which is linked to the new library.

How do I resolve this??


Fully exiting Opus (via File > Exit Directory Opus) and then re-launching it may make it see the change.

It shouldn't be needed though, and works OK here from a quick test on both Opus 11 beta + Windows 7 and Opus 10 + Windows 8.1. In both cases I made a new library, then added an empty folder to it that I'd created below the Desktop folder, and Opus saw the new folder immediately.

The only thing I can think of that might cause Opus to not be notified of the change is if dopus.exe has been run as administrator via UAC (which can cause a few problems and should not be necessary).

Thanks Leo.
Exiting dopus and re-starting it did show the content of the library, and new libraries show content added immediately.

Strange that - but that's life I guess.

Thanks again