Problem importing preferences

I just installed Opus 8.2.1 (used the 8.2.0 before) and ther's a problem when i import my prefrences : opus says "settings import failes". I've re-installed the 8.2 version and i can import my dps file so i imagine it isn't corrupted.

Does someone have an idee ? i really, really don't want to re-configure opus...

Thanks for answering

I know it's been said it shouldn't matter before when this sort of problem has been posted... but have you happened to switch between ANSI and UNICODE versions during your 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 installations? There certainly shouldn't be a problem JUST between versions... I HEAVILY use the settings I/E feature; like every few days - and I haven't seen any problems like this. But your results are pretty tell-tale, if you can reliably see that import is ok with 8.2.0 and fails with 8.2.1 (with the SAME dps file) then the answer should lie somewhere in that .DPS file.

I'd offer to look at your DPS file, but people have seemed reluctant to send their settings files here on the forums.

Just so people know... you can add .dps files to the list of supported 'zip' Extensions: in the Advanced section of Preferences->ZIP Files->Settings. Once done, you can run commands like Copy EXTRACT and Copy EXTRACT=sub or just Go so you can unzip and look into your DPS files individual components which for the most part, are all ascii files (DPF reg exports, toolbar.dop/xml files, etc etc). In this way, you can then scour those files for any 'sensitive information' that the Export->Remove FTP passwords from exported Preferences option might not omit. Perhaps you don't want people to even know what FTP sites you have stored at all... or what your registered email address is... etc.

Other than that, if you're a registered user... you could open a ticket with GPSoft website and send THEM your DPS file for investigation. If it's reproducible, then it should be able to be figured out and fixed.

That was the problem.
I've first installed the unicode version and i've just tried tha ANSI one.
Now it's working well :slight_smile:

Hmmm... could report the issue to GPSoft directly anyway? You're 1 of three or four ppl I believe that have experienced issues with importing settings between ANSI and UNICODE, while others here are NOT seeing the same problem. Perhaps getting the DPS file from someone with this problem will help them figure out what the issue is?