Problem Installing: An Installation Support File Could Not

I'm having a peculiar problem when installing Directory Opus on a Windows Server 2003 machine for the first time. An error dialogue pops up saying the following:

An installation support file could not be installed.

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.[/code]

The funny thing is that I have a couple gigs free... so I'm not sure what the problem is. I freed up a little more disk space but it didn't help. There's only one 400GB hard drive on the whole computer, so I'm not sure where else it would be looking for storage.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Running Process Monitor might reveal what the installer is trying to do but failing on.

Let us know if you find anything. If not you should contact GPSoft via their support page to see if they have any ideas:

Ideas: Yes and no:)

It's something to do with using Installshield on this machine. Do a Google search for "An installation support file could not be installed." etc and see if any help. For example

We see these odd types of things from time to time and it's usually some other installshield dll (old?) or msi install or system registry or etc - an issue related to the specific machine and software installed.

Perhaps a Group policy conflict on this machine. See what you can find on Google. Also try an install from Safe Mode