Problem installing v9.5

I am getting the weirdest error when I attempt to install 9.5 on top of Win2008 R2:

@Windows Vista Service Pack 0 (7600) Non IE/Netscape 28770.91

And that's that, OK and try again same issue.
This install is an upgrade from Win2008 which may be where the Vista ref is coming from but does anyone have any ideas?????


Did the file download successfully? Check the digital signature, maybe it is corrupt.

Nope, the sig is good. Downloaded fine. By the bye it is a 64 system.


These errors are not related to Opus itself but to an incompatibility on your machine. GP Software users the industry standard Install Shield to install Opus. The error you show is an error because Install Shield cannot run correctly on your system. The usual causes of this are lack of TEMP space or installation or non-compatible libraries on the system.

Do a google search on the issue e.g. for "SetupNew\setup.cpp(135)" and you'll find heaps of similar reports. See if you can trace any of these reports to match issues on your machine.