Problem occuring when adding files to collections


When using the "send to" option for collections, there is currently the problem, that it won´t work when there are more than about 5 files to be sent. In this case the action will fail without any prompt.

It has to be added, that this will mainly occur with longer filenames. Could anyone else check this please? thx!

How are you doing the "sent to"?

Selecting the files & via rightclick menu.

Thanks. Turns out I had that turned off.

Yeah, there does seem to be a problem. My guess is that there's some kind of length limit which is being overrun when too many files (or files with long names?) are selected.

You could work around it by making a button or menu item which copies to coll:// or similar, I think.

I've reported it to GPSoftware.

It's probably the same thing I reported when the feature was first being added, there IS a character length limitation in the way the 'Send To' hook is used to pass the file names...

The best workaround is to use Copy COLLLIST in order to give you the same 'dynamic' list of collections that appears in the 'Send To' menu; of course it's 'another item' to have to add to your context menu if you still want to keep the 'Send To' menu item as well for other things :wink:.