Problem reading certain important id3v2 tags in mp3 files

I am evaluating Directory Opus to see if it will be helpful for my work. Then I will purchase.


  • I have many folders with thousands of mp3 files
  • Each mp3 file has been given many id3v2 tags to manage them in their identity
  • Out of these id3v2 tags, the tag named "Subtitle" and "Year" are the most important ones for me.
  • Opus doesn't have an option to display the "Subtitle" tag in details column and thus it cannot group files based on this tag. This is the fundamental I was working with windows browser to manage more than 30,000 files in a folder.
  • Opus is able to read the Subtitle tag because I find that in file details window it does show it. However, there is no option to display it in the column and thus no grouping option.
  • Regarding the "Year" tag, Opus reads only first four characters of it while windows support entering 8 characters and thus I have entered 8 numeric characters in this tag for all files in the form yyyymmdd so as to register actual date on which the recording was done. However, Opus reads only the first four; i.e. if the year field is "20090521" then Opus would read it "2009".

A screenshot of the Opus properties for an mp3 file that reads the subtitle tag:

If someone could help me out it will be very good because I want to phase out using windows browser for these crucial works as Opus has many good scripting options that makes media management very easy.

Thank you,
Damodara Das

You can introduce almost all missing metadata with add-ins.

Thank you @lxp. That sounds very impressive and hopeful.

However, I am very new to DOpus and its scripting. Thus, I am trying to understand the EXIF tool method you have explained. I would appreciate it if you can make a screen recording of the way you have achieved reading 8-letters in year tag and reading subtitle tag; i.e. if you can make a small video of steps teaching me what should I do to achieve this.

Thank you in advance,
Damodara Das

Use dedicated tool like mp3tag.

Yes. I have heavily used mp3tag for the last 8 years, but that is for tagging operations.

However, for file browsing and navigation, I use the windows file browser which is excellent because it has the facility of grouping according to tags, which the mp3tag doesn't have. If you have some solution for mp3tag that will give me options to group files as per tags then it is appreciated; that will be a great addition to my mp3tag usage and will solve my problem to a greater extent.