Problem restoring an export


I recently reinstalled my OS and before i had done so i did an export and exported my settings. All the check marks were set and it saved 30 items. Great.

I reinstalled my OS, imported the file i had exported and now something weird has happened.

I have no menu bars showing up at all. The file/edit etc menus are all gone so i cant seem to figure ou how to import another file or retry the import of the file that caused all of this. I can get to prferences and customize, and that is about all. Under customized i see all the menu's there including the custom ones I had done. However I am unable to put a check box next to any of them. It wont allow me to do it. Only a few will, like applications or officexp etc, but nothing else.

Any ideas?

i fixed the problem. I had to uninstall and reinstall and then reimport the file and all was well. That was weird that it happened. Still unsure what happened.

Not sure what happened to you father... but for future reference, if you can get into Dopus Preferences when something like this happens, then you can click on the "Preferences" menu bar link in the Prefs dialog window. This menu provides an Import & Export option which you could then use to retry the failed import, or import an older 'known to be stable' settings export - if you happen to keep such things archived like I do :slight_smile:.

Hmm.... when this happened all i had was the blue bar on the top of the screen that i can right click on and i can get into customize and preferences that way. But once I am in preferences, I see nothing in there that allows me to import or export. I am using I believe older versions of DO would give me the import/export from within preferences but I believe with v8.1 those functions are in the settings menu (which i had no access to).

Firstly, is the latest version available on GPSoft's website.

Secondly the preferences window (since v8 I think) has a Preferences menu - here you can 'save' or 'import/export' the preferences.