Problem viewing Photoshop-Image (.psd)

I don't know if following is a DO or Photoshop related problem:

In thumbail mode or when moving mouse over a PSD-Image in listview I can see the preview image. When opening the same file in the viewer a message appears "This layered Photoshop file was not saved with a composite image".

What's wrong here?


The image file probably contains a small thumbnail version of the image but not the full-size "preview" version of the image, only the actual layers.

Re-save the file in Photoshop, after setting (in Photoshop) Preferences -> File Handling -> File Saving Options -> Image Previews to Always.

Image preview was set to "always". After activating compatibility-mode it works again. Thanks Nudel.

The "Compatibility" option saves a full-size composite of the image as part of the PSD, which allows thumbnailing application to do their job -- but at the expense of a much larger PSD.

Thumbnail viewing with this option "off" is possible, but not fullsize.

Yes, I have noticed a larger filesize of 10-20%.


Yeah, it depends on the resolution, bit-depth, number of layers, etc.