Problem viewing Ulead PhotoImpact-Images (.ufo)

Sasa posted a problem viewing Photoshop-Images (.psd) here. I have a similar problem.

In thumbnail mode I can see the preview image of Ulead PhotoImpact files (.UFO). When I open the same file
in the viewer or when moving the mouse over an .UFO-Image in listview no full Image or preview is shown.

Is this not supported or do I have to change some (plugin-)settings?

I also use UPI.

You are getting the thumbnails correctly because Opus is pulling them from the Shell Thumbnails extraction. But the internal Opus Viewer does not support .ufo files.

In fact, Ulead's own product, PhotoExplorer, does not display .ufo files either at least as recently as version 11.

Christiaan, did you create your icons sets in UPI?

No, in IconWorkshop. But I use Ulead PhotoImpact for removal of imperfections when the drawing tools of IconWorkshop are not sufficient.