Problem w/ txt files

During installation of Directory Opus, I went with all the defaults.

After the installation, when any .txt file is clicked I was prompted to select the program to open with. Even if I have chosen to always have these files open with Notepad, this option didn't stick.

I then created a user command to open selected files w/ EditPlus and since then surprisingly all .txt files are opening with EditPlus even if I have not actually clicked the 'Open with EditPlus' button that calls the user command.

I want to associate .txt files with Notepad.

When I right click in the empty space of a lister, there is no choice to create a new text file under New.

On a possibly related note, nothing happens when I click on a button that has the following code:

FileType NEW=.txt NEWNAME="norename:{dlgstringS|Enter filename|temp.txt}"

Please help.

Double-click the attached .reg file, it should restore your .txt filetype to the defaults. (455 Bytes)