Problem when clicking recycle bin

When I click the desktop recycle bin I get the following error:

Then DOpus crashes and restarts.

If I open DOpus and then click the recycle bin from withing it (on desktop view) it opens fine.

That's due to a 3rd party component crashing.

Couple of threads about it here:

From the second thread it looked like something to do with ShellExtBridge118.dll which is published by “Moo0”, whatever those are.

The guide linked in both threads has info on how to track down and disable or update the component causing the problem.

Thanks for the info about Moo0 being the problem. They recently updated their Rightclick Pro to be Windows 10 compatible. Now when I click on the Recycle Bin it opens in Explorer.

Also, I noticed I didn't add the other shot of the error:

Since the crash dialog in the first post comes from MooO, I think you'll need to report the bug to them.

You can try disabling the MooO shell extension using ShellExView, then rebooting, to verify that the problem only happens when it is in use.