Problem with applying ratings, the F3 preview doesn't update properly

I have found that rating images in details mode with the preview pane open (F3) has a few issues. While moving to the next image file, the preview for that image is stuck in about fifty percent of the cases, still showing the previous image, so i have to move the cursor back an forth to get the proper image. Another smaller thing is, that applying the ratings is somewhat laggy, so that "speed rating" through the collection isn't possible*. I have tested to turn off the tags/descriptions column, but both effects stay the same.

(* i'm using shortcuts like SETATTR META rating:3)

(Aside: F7 is the default preview pane hotkey. F3 normally activates the Windows Search field.)

I can't see any issues trying something similar with some JPG screenshots, and changing ratings by simply clicking on the stars in the ratings column. Changing to the next image in the preview pane (by clicking on it in the file display) is instant.

What kind of images are you using?

Does it happen if you set the ratings by clicking the column instead of using buttons/commands?

When i use the mouse, clicking in the column, the response is immediate. No lag at all. But that is apart from moving the focus between images. I just made a test in a smaller test folder, with 10 images, and the issue didn't occur. Then, in other folders, the issue is back again, but not constantly. But i have to note, that i am changing the focus by using the standard arrow keys, unlike you, clicking on them. Which also works fine here, when i hover over the files, it would display the correct image.

And i must have changed the F7 key a long time ago to F3, i don't even remember the reason. My F7 actually creates new folders. :grinning:

I suppose, i had to juggle around with my hotkeys for some reason back then, but i'm so used to it, i wasn't even aware, that they were changed. But at least F2 is still for renaming.

So, i have no idea why i see this effect here sometimes and maybe in more crowded folders. I would use the mouse to rate otherwise, but i have to aim at the left side, while evaluating the preview pane on the right, so the keyboard thing is more convenient. But, while writing this post i have found a way to avoid that lag, by having changed my buttons commands back to the way it was some time ago, where i had an additional select next command, like so:

select next

Which looks like the issue happens with the up and down arrows sometimes. Although the keys are not broken, i'm sure, as this is an almost brand new Cherry keyboard. Thanks!