Problem with Backup-Restore File Types

Hi I got one more license today and I wanted to migrate current setup to my new PC. I have a modified All folders menu which I backup from the menu File>Export...

When I restore I get very few options.

I checked the .dlt file and seams ok!

Any Ideas???

Thank you in advance!


Please zip and attach the .dlt file for us to look at. Maybe there's something in the menu items which isn't being imported or exported correctly.

Here is the file.
File Types 2015-03-09 (3.32 KB)

Ok I think I have it!!!
The problem is that when I create a new entry into my content menu, there are also settings created into the Registry that are not included into Backup. I exported HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\ missing entries and my menu is fine!!!

Thank you!