Problem with drag&drop using location field

In some cases, especially when parrent directory of currently displayed folder contains many sub-directories AND lister's window is located at right edge of desktop, dragging file/dir on "arrow" in location field causes displaying menu in such position that drop is not possible.
The menu is located at some distance from mouse cursor's position so if now cursor is moved toward desired element of the menu it inevitably will be moved outside of the menu.
Which in turn will cause a closing that menu.

Directory Opus Pro 11.4.3 (Beta) Build 5253 x64
OS 6.2 (B:9200 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

We've fixed this for the next update.

Thanks for the report!

[quote="leo"]We've fixed this for the next update.

Thanks for the report![/quote]

Did you mean update never than Directory Opus Pro 11.4.5 (Beta)?
Problem still exist in 11.4.5.

Directory Opus Pro 11.4.5 (Beta) Build 5291 x64
OS 6.2 (B:9200 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

It should be in 11.4.5:

- Improved placement of breadcrumbs pop-up menus when there isn't room for them in their usual bottom-right position.

Could you post a screenshot of the whole monitor (reduced in size, if possible) with the menu open in the wrong place? Maybe there is a scenario the code still doesn't account for which seeing the screenshot will reveal to us.

Thanks! I've reproduced this and will look into it tomorrow, time permitting.

Handling of that case has been improved for the next beta.

The problem seems to be fixed.

Directory Opus Pro 11.5.6 (Beta) Build 5337 x64
OS 6.2 (B:9200 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0