Problem with evaluation code

I have downloaded and installed Opus 6 and when I tried to get an evaluation code it said it failed. I then had one emailed from the website but when I insert that, it also fails.
Can someone please help me, and appreciate if you keep it simple.
Many thanks

Not the right spot for this sort of question - this forum isn't actually run by GPSoft but by die-hard users and Beta testers. I would go to their support website for something like this.

However, one comment/question... Dopus v6? Didn't think you could even get v6 anymore - v8.1 is the current release. Maybe that's the problem :slight_smile:?

Directory Opus 6 is an old product and no longer available for evaluation. However, you are welcome to download and evaluate the current Opus version 8.

Please just go to our main web site ( and check out the downlaod page.

If you apply for an evaluation certificate you can obtain a full 60 day evaluation period, if you need it.