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Problems silent install from read only location

I have been trying to deploy (silent install) Dopus from an ISO file created by MDT. The install fails every time and I have been on this for two days.

If I silent install Dopus from a local directory it works fine. This led me to the hypothesis that the problem might be that the installer is trying to write files to the ISO (which is not possible because a mounted ISO is read-only).

I am 99% sure that the problem is that the installer is trying to make a log file on the ISO during installation. Writing the log file fails, and so the rest of the installation fails.

Is there any way to either write the log file to a different location or skip writing the log file entirely?

You could try setting the current dir to somewhere else, but the installer might also try to read things from there.

(I thought it wrote logs to another location, but I might be wrong or it may have changed.)

If that doesn't work, the best thing to do would be copy the folder off the ISO to a temporary location to run it. That could be done as part of the same batch file or script which handles the rest of the silent install.

Hmm... Not sure if I understand. If I use setup.exe -s. Is there not a flag or something I can use to tell where to write the log file? Such as for example /L*V "C:\log.txt"?

Sure.. I could make the script copy all the installation files on to a temporary folder the target computer, CD to that folder and then launch the installer, then delete the temporary folder. But that is a very long and tedious workaround to make.

If the log file is mandatory and it is not possible to silent install without it. At least we should have the option to decide where it is written, right?

I'm not sure if Installshield lets you control that via the command line.

Have you actually verified using Process Monitor or similar that it is really the log file that's the issue?

Ah, I didn't realise it was InstallShield. setup.exe -s /f2"C:\some_path\dopus_installlog.txt solved the problem :slight_smile:

Now the only thing I am struggling with is to install without a shortcut. Although I have made the script delete the desktop shortcut after creation.