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Problems with Colored Folders


FYI: The problem is definitely limited to the My Documents portion of the computer. Any folders that I have colored outside of My Docs are still colored and I've never had any problem selecting them.


As I've said a few times now, the colors can not possibly have anything to do with whatever problem you're having...


Okay, I've done some more experiments using Jon's tip about how to remove colors via the Preferences menu (since I was unable to Select the folders in the Tree). I have narrowed the problem down.

Viewing My Documents from the User Folder under C:/Users/Dave/My Documents:
Starting with no colored folders I can select any folder. Then if I apply a color to the My Documents folder, I can no longer Select the folder (as I've said before, by this I mean that when I click on My Documents to Select it the Highlighted spot jumps back to the last folder I selected and therefore denies me the ability to view the My Documents folder). Then, I go into Settings/Preferences/ File & Folder Labels, and delete the color for My Documents. This alone does not solve the problem - I still cannot select My Documents folder. But if I close Opus and reopen, now I am once again able to select and view My Documents.

Viewing My Documents from the Libraries/Documents/My Documents
The problem manifests itself completely differently from this folder. Starting with no colors again (and no problems selecting any folders in or under My Documents). I select a color for the My Documents folder. No color is displayed on the screen for the folder but the color is listed under Settings/Preferences/File & Folder Labels. I can select the My Documents folder with no problem but again, the folder is not colored on the screen. Okay, clear the color under Preferences, restart Opus. Now I color a subfolder under My Documents. The color shows on this subfolder but now I cannot select the colored subfolder. Remove the color using Preferences and the color goes away but I still cannot select the subfolder, until I restart Opus and then everything is normal again.

Now Jon, how is my problem NOT related to coloring folders? While the color itself may not be causing the problem, coloring the folder MUST cause something else to happen that CAN cause the problem. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Opus application - no change. All right guys, I'm done with Beta testing. What do I do now? I've got 17 days left on my evaluation period - it's not going well. I mean I love the product but like I said, coloring folders is a necessity. Any suggestions?



I just tried reproducing this problem and I can't get it to do whats happening to you.

Can you maybe do some screenshots?

Do you have another computer you could test Opus on?


Screen shots won't show the problem - I would need a "movie" to show how the "cursor highlight" jumps away from the selected colored folder.
Sorry, I only have the one Windows 7 64-bit computer.
Thanks for trying.


I was thinking more of a screenshot of your settings.

I was going to suggest a movie for the actual problem but most people don't have a screen recorder.


Here is perhaps another clue. There is another odd behavior in Opus I have observed. When I go to the Folder named Favorites and Recent, there is a Favorites folder. In this folder were several folders that I figured out were created by the default Smart Favorites setting. If I clicked on any of these folders I would get an error message "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (lib) isn't associated with any program.". If I manually add a Favorite folder through the Preferences menu it works fine. Don't confuse this Favorites folder with the other Favorites folder elsewhere on the Tree that is for Browser Bookmarks - this folder has been populated with my current browser bookmarks and works fine.

Is it possible that there is a missing link or folder association that is causing both of these problems? Note also that when I assign a color to a folder under C:\Users\Dave\My Documents that this color doesn't not show in the folder when viewed from Libraries\Documents\My Documents. Is it supposed to? That would be what I would expect but perhaps the same "link" problem is preventing this. More clues. Gentlemen (Leo, Jon), please comment.



Which settings would you like to see? The tiny, unexpandable window will only display a fraction of the settings on any given screen shot. It's annoying when the programmers render our big screen monitors useless by forcing us to peer through a tiny window; especially when the info is super-long path addresses that are wider than the columns (which is not the case here ... jus' sayin').


I was thinking like the one below, just to see how you have the info entered. But IDK, Jon and Leo know more about this than I do, they programmed it :slight_smile: I'd have to agree though that colors shouldn't be causing the problem you are having. But it's weird that turning them off, fixes it.

IDK! I'll just wait over here and see how this plays out :wink:


I think I have reproduced the problem now, or something similar. It only seems to affect the folder tree, FWIW.

We'll look into it further...


Thanks Leo. Let me know if you need me to perform any experiments that might help your troubleshooting.



There should be a new beta version in the next week or so with a fix for this. Give it a try when it comes out and let us know if you still have any problems.

(Info on beta versions.)


How will I know when the new Beta is available? Are you going to notify me or is there a particular Beta version I should look for?


See "How to know when new beta updates are released" in the page I linked in my last reply.

It will be in the next beta that gets released. (That will probably be called version, unless something unexpected happens to the version number.)


You can get the beta now: ... -beta.html


Hi Leo,

Okay, checked out the Beta and it appears there has been major progress. I can now apply a color to any folder without undesirable aftermath ... except for one folder. I applied colors to a bunch of folders under C:/Users/Dave/My Documents without any problems (the colors stayed and I could select any folder normally). These colors were NOT reflected into the corresponding folders under Libraries/Documents/My Documents however (they weren't before either - I just sort of expected this would be the case and desirable). So I duplicated the colored folders in this view and everything was fine except that the Color did NOT display for the My Documents folder only. The folder shows as being colored under Settings, Preferences, Favorites & Recent, File & Folder Labels but is not displayed as colored in the Tree View. UPDATE: several days later (and a reboot) and all of the colored folders under Libraries/Documents/My Documents are no longer displayed in the Tree View (but continue to show as colored under Settings, Preferences, Favorites & Recent, File & Folder Labels). However if I select the My Documents folder in the Tree View then the colored subfolders show as colored in the List View - this was true before as well. The difference is that these colored folders aren't causing the Selection problem like they were before.

That's my report for now. Let me know if you have any questions or experiments you would like me to perform.



Was also experimenting with the Favorites & Recent folder before (with the Beta version) but now I cannot get this folder to expand or display anything in the List View when selected. FYI.


Hi Dave,

Try the beta (link is in my signature), which should address the problems you reported with folder colours and libraries.


Update: At this point it looks like the coloring of My Documents is holding AND any colors added to folders in the C:/Users/Dave/My Documents section are now being mirrored in the Libraries/Documents/My Documents section. LOVE IT! I am also able to open the folder Favorites and Recent. Thank you Leo - you Rock!


The coloring of the My Documents folder will sometimes disappear still (shows under Settings okay) but can be re-lit by coloring it again.