Problems with D.O. V 10.5

Hello D.O. support,

I am running Directory Opus Pro (4779) x64 OS 6.1 (B:7601 P:2 T:1) SP 1.0 "Service Pack 1"

Whenever I coonect my Android (Samsung Galaxy Note, running Android 4.0.3 [aka Ice Cream Sandwich]) to my laptop and serach the contents through D.O. I get message saying that Directory Opus has encountered a problem and needs to restart.

This does not happen everytime but has a very regular one in three operations. That is for any file operation such as Copy, Move, Delete etc, the first two operations work fine and the third operation causes DO to throw up the message and then shutdown. Restarting D.O. is a manual operation, that is there is no automatic recovery of the application.

Am I the only one who has encountered this issue? Has any one else met something similar? How can I get more info on the issue (log/dump files etc)?

It may be that the real issue is the Android and the problem is being manifested in D.O. but at the moment I am unable to determine the cause.



Have a look in your %TEMP% folder and see if there's a sub-folder called DOpus.Minidumps - if you can zip and PM me a few recent dump files I can look to see if anything reveals itself.

Edit: Also, before doing this (if possible), please update to the most recent beta version.