Problems with non-existent network paths

  1. How to set the tab jump to non-existent path or network path timeout interval
  2. How to automatically return to the previous path after timeout instead of repeatedly loading, resulting in system crash

1 is a Windows setting. There was a registry key but I don’t know if it still works today. File Explorer and most software will be subject to the same timeout and issues, as the default timeout in Windows is 30 seconds.

2 should happen already. Please give more detail on what you’re doing and what happens as a result. If the operating system itself is crashing then there’s something wrong at a lower level (drivers, hardware, antivirus/firewall, or the OS itself). Nothing Opus does should be able to crash the whole system unless something lower down is misbehaving.

Please link your account as well.

Okay. Thank you. When I opened a failed path, an error occurred when the folder was read,The system could not find the specified path. There are two buttons: Retry and abort. Can you set this dialog box not to pop up, but directly back to the previous path

This dialog is also Windows default, you will see (and can't supress) it in Explorer, too.

But why constantly pressing on tabs with non existing paths?

A dialog appearing is not a system crash.

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