Problems With Unzipping Files Version 12.11

Hi Jon or Greg,
I updated my Directory Opus to version 12.11. With the prior version I could unzip and copy the files out of the zip file no problem. I updated the program to 12.11 and now I can't do that. Did something change or is this a bug? Thanks.

Is it only a problem with particular zip files?

Which method of copying are you using? Try using the Copy Files button on the toolbar to copy selected files from the source side to the other side of the dual file display. Using that rules out issues involving drag & drop configuration or clipboard data.

Hi Leo,
Here is how I usually do it. I double click on the zip file. Directory Opus opens the archive. The files get displayed. I select them all and right click and do a copy. I have always done it that way and it worked. I just tried it again and it worked. I have no idea why it didn't work the times I tried it. I am a tech and sometimes even I can get frustrated sometimes when things don't work right the time you use it and then later it works. Many of my customers go through the same thing. The always tell me that when I am there it never does what they first experienced. Go figure Leo.