Problems with W10 and MS Office programs

Warning - I have a problem that I initially thought was Opus related. After two days of struggle I have finally narrowed it down to a Windows 10 problem. I am running W 10 Home 64 bit currently version 1511, build 10586.36 and MS Office 2016. The upgrade to Version 1511 was done on 12/12/15. The problem has finally narrowed down to Word or Excel files saved after 12/12/15. Once an attempt is made to copy them to another location in Opus such programs are not copied and they can no longer be opened. When trying to open them in Opus there is a long delay and finally a message "There was a problem sending the command to the program."

I believe that this is a Microsoft problem. I will send this same info to one of their forums. All other files are copied and opened without any problems.

This info is provided in case someone else runs into the same challenge. If anyone else has a similar problem I would be happy to hear from them.


Do you see the same problem if you do the same thing using Explorer instead of Opus?

If it only seems to happen in Opus:

[ul][li]Which columns are displayed? Try with just the Name column and see if it still happens.

[li]Also try in normal Details mode if you're using Thumbnails, Tiles or Details+Thumbnails mode.

[li]If the viewer or metadata panels are open, try closing them and repeating the test to see if that helps.

[li]Try turning off Preferences / File Display Modes / Details / Display icons so no icons are displayed, in case an icon shell extension is involved.[/li][/ul]
Those are all things which may cause something to open Office documents when they appear in the file display, which may be connected to what you are seeing. Whatever is happening is unlikely to be caused by Opus itself, but there are things Opus does which Explorer doesn't and which could explain why a problem in another component is triggered in one program but not the other.