Process recent tab even when 'process file changes in background tabs' is off

There is a great feature for many-tab workflows in Opus, which allows you to not suffer the performance penalty when a lot of changes are happening in the background tabs or simplify startup ('process file changes in background tabs' toggle)
However, this has a rather annoying quirk — whenever you cut a folder/file from one tab, switch to another tab and paste it there and then return to the original tab, you can still see this moved folder/file "ghost" untill you refresh.

Would you please allow this one background tab to still be processed at least until the in-Opus move operation is complete so that whenever I switch back to the original tab I don't see a file that doesn't exist anymore?
Otherwise I'd still like to get the performance benefit from ignoring all other file changes in background tabs.

Not sure what the best way to make an exception:

  • Maybe the toggle could include current+recent tab in monitoring?
  • Or maybe just an move operation performed within Opus could override the disabled background scanner temporarily?


Thanks for reporting this, it's a bug and we'll fix it in the next update.

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