Program error when launching button in DOpus

Hello everyone!
I recently refreshed windows 10 (64bit, 8gb) and reinstalled Opus 11. I have button in DOpus for a software on my system. The Software is Kingdom Hall Schedules ( When I launch the software from anywhere in my ssystem (start menu, task bar, exe in the install folder) it works and opens just fine. When I launch it from the DOpus button i get an error every time:
file: 'c\windows\system32\data\errors.dbf' does not exist
If I click "ignore" the next error is:
Alias 'ERRORS' is not found
if I ignore that, then I get a dioalog for opening up a .dbf file in the system.
If I cancel out of that, I'll get more errors. Any idea what this could be? It only happens when launched from DOpus. I've reinstalled both the software and DOpus and it didn't make a difference. It used to work just fine before the refresh. Could it be that has something to do with it?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Opus launches things with the current directory set to C:\Windows\System32 by default, as it is more secure in some cases.

The program you're running seems to be looking for its data files relative to the current directory, rather than relative to the program's directory.

To fix things, edit your button in Opus and add a line to the top (click Advanced to go into multi-line mode, if needed);

cd "C:\Path\To\Your\Program's\Folder" "C:\Path\To\Your\Program's\Folder\Program.exe"

This worked, thank you so much Leo!

Hello, is there a way to disable that?

For individual buttons, you'd usually start them with cd {sourcepath} but if you want to change the default for all buttons, see Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: def_func_cd_sourcedir:

Use the current source directory as the default current directory when launching programs from buttons that don't specify a current directory. The default for such functions is to set the current directory to the C:\Windows\System32 directory for security reasons.

Hmm, I guess that wasn't it

I'm running this cmd when double clicking on a file

R:\Utils\ahk.exe "{allfilepath$}" (ahk being autohotkey)

Script file not found: C:\Windows\system32\ R:\Utils\ahk\SciTeStart.ahkafter toggling def_func_cd_sourcedir I get

Script file not found: R:\Utils\ahk\ R:\Utils\ahk\SciTeStart.ahk

I assume I'm doing something wrong, I'm just not sure what :slight_smile:


R:\Utils\ahk.exe {filepath$}

Ah, I'm an idiot, thanks for the help.