Programmatic setting/appending of extended properties

I was hoping to find a non-script solution to copying extended properties (Comment, Tags) from one file to another, but there seems to be conflicting information on whether it’s possible and/or how it could be done. For example:

…which makes it appear that it can only be accomplished via script…

…which gives the impression it can be done without scripting, albiet with potential caveats…

…which also looks like a non-scripting solution. But I don’t see any mention of keywords TAGS or COMMENT for use with SetAttr META in the DOpus Help file, and I couldn’t get them to work here when I tried using code based on the examples above. Are TAGS and COMMENT supposed to be able to work, and if so, can someone provide me with working examples? Or is there another non-scripting solution?

What are you aiming to do exactly?

What are the reasons you want to avoid a script solution? (Do you need to modify it and don't know how? If so, please tell us what you want to do overall, since there may be better ways to tackle the bigger picture.)

Copy COMMENT and/or TAGS from one file to another. On some occasions, it would be nice to be able prepend or append additional entries to exisiting fields as well, if possible.

Because, it’s more complicated and will require much more time for me to try to figure out how to do it. (I’m the same guy you responded to last week about scripting and applying metadata. I wrote that I don’t know it well enough to tackle it at this time.) At some point, I’m sure I’ll try my hand at it, but my questions right now are: 1) Is what I want to do possible without it?; and 2) Why are there references in the forum to seeming solutions that I can’t find instructions for in the help file, and which don’t seem to work for me anyway? Am I missing something?

If you are planning to do this on just a few files then one option is to simply copy information from (e.g.) the Tags: field under Extended Properties of your source file and paste the same information into the corresponding field of your target file. Unless you have changed the default hotkey, pressing F9 will open the metadata pane. As you navigate from source to target the metadata pane will track which file you are operating on.


Nah, if it was just a few files I wouldn’t even bother pursuing this. I’m having to do it over and over again. My image editor (Corel PaintShop Pro) for some reason strips all metadata whenever an image is edited and resaved, so I’ve been losing all of it anytime I crop or adjust or anything. I’ve gotten into the habit of saving as a PNG with the same base filename, and then copying all that metadata back from the original, and just yesterday implemented this:

dopusrt /acmd SetAttr FILE {filepath$} META "copyfrom:15,{filepath$|noext}.jpg"
dopusrt /acmd SetAttr FILE {filepath$} META "copyfrom:6,{filepath$|noext}.jpg"

But that doesn’t copy COMMENT, RATING (which I really don’t use anyway), or TAGS.