Properties of Pictures

I have a picture of my mom taken on January 30, 2018, see bellow. Then I looked at the properties below. Created is when I copied Mom's Pic (Jan 30, 2018), from the iCloud, Modified is when the picture was taken and Access is when the last time I printed it?

Can John or the others programmers explain the meanings of Created, Modified, Access more clearly in detail if possible.
Thank You.

[Mom January 30, 2018](Image and video hosting by TinyPic)

[Properties of mom's pic Jan 30, 2018](Image and video hosting by TinyPic)

In terms of what happens automatically in Windows:

  • Created is when that copy of the file was first created.
  • Modified is when it was last modified.
  • Accessed might be when it was last opened or read from, if the filesystem is actually maintaining that.

The accessed timestamp is not reliable and should generally be completely ignored. Newer versions of Windows do not maintain it, or only update it ever few hours. Even on older versions, it was fairly meaningless, as it would be bumped by just viewing the folder in a lot of cases, or virus scans, and so on.

On top of the automatic timestamp changes, programs are free to set the timestamps to anything they want at any time.

For example, Opus has options to preserve timestamps when copying files, so the copy gets the same created and/or modified timestamp as the original. Opus also has an option to preserve existing timestamps when modifying metadata. So what the timestamps really mean depends on what created or modified the files, and how it was configured.

JPEGs from digital cameras also often have additional timestamps inside them which indicate when the photo was taken.

Thank you, Leo.
The Photo was taken on January 30. 2018 on a smart phone. Then I downloaded it from the Apple iCloud, then I copied it with Opus to my computer. Thank you for a better explanation.