Putting label searches on a toolbar

I've been using a lot of labels and have been finding them very helpful. I already know that I can go to advanced search to find the labels, but I'd like faster access like putting a menu or search field on a toolbar.

I know that I can create a label search and save it as a filter, and then add a search for that filter to a button. It just seems like a clunky way to do it since every time I create a new label, I also have to go create a matching filter, and then I have to create a new button referencing the filter. If I rename the label, I have to remember to also update the filter.

Is there a better way to automate it so it's less work?

I'm thinking either:

  1. A menu that just has the label category name that auto-populates with the labels under it. When a new label is created, it's already there. When I click the label, it searches the current directory for it.

  2. An empty field that's an advanced search that will automatically filter for labels. Then I can just type in the label I'm looking for to search for it in the current directory.

I can't think of a better way than what you're already using at the moment.

Your 2nd idea should be possible in the future with some changes we have planned. We might then be able to provide a way for scripts to get a list of filters which would let the 1st idea be implemented as well at that point.


Thank you! I'll keep an eye out for it in future updates.