Pycharm and "show in explorer"

I'm using Jetbrains' Pycharm to develop django projects.
One of the features (of probably all jetbrains IDE's) is "open in explorer".
I found Pycharm the only program until now that really uses Windows Explorer anymore.
I almost forgot I had that tool on me pc :wink:.

Is there a way to make Pycharm use DOPUS as well?

It's possible that Pycharm runs explorer.exe directly, rather than launching the folder via ShellExecute or similar APIs which act like the folder was double-clicked. If that's the case then it's something that would need changing on the Pycharm side.

Another possibility is that they do use ShellExecute but use the "open" verb (which runs Explorer) rather than pass null for the verb (which runs the default file manager).

I'll give it a try on their side.

Pycharm (and other jetbrians products) uses java's shell execute to open files, like

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("explorer /select,C:\Users");

Should this one get catched by DO?

BTW: if I do this in cmd, also windows explorer opens...

Unless Java's exec(...) call is a wrapper around ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx (unlikely), that would not be intercepted by Opus.

They're probably explicitly running explorer.exe via a wrapper around the CreateProcess or similar, so it's explorer.exe that will be launched.

For a solution see

Hello maki,

many thanks, same problem with WebStorm - works perfect, my very special Santa Claus gift.


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