Q: dopus don't see files on SDHC card?

hi to everbody!

i have dvb-t receiver/recorder which works with SD cards as storage medium.
when i insert my sd card in to card reader i can not open files in recording folder.
i have something like this:

MYRECORD 20090401-003002-0749-NOVA*************** (this stars are 15 blank spaces) TIME (usually empty, and obviously folder for receiver)

recoderd files are in this <20090401...> folder. and htey look like this
INFO.RCD (again receiver's file)

so. now i want to copy those .ts files to my hard drive and do classic video concersion, editing et.
BUT, DO doesn't want open this directory with recorded files. neither left click, right click, double-click, grab'n'move....
when i want to do ANY operation it says:

"An error occurred copyng "20090401...." - The system cannot find the file specified. (2)"

rename doesn't work. but, dopus find actual size of folder, shows info-baloon with files inside:

freecommander see it but won't work with folerd, but ONLY windows explorer works right.
i know that is ok, but, if i use dopus for almost all file operations, why i can't use it for this also.

so. can somebody help me?
sd card is sandisc sdhc 4gb card, formatted in receiver?


From your screenshot it looks like the folder name has spaces at the end of it. That will cause problems with most software.

To cut a long story short, there are two ways to access file paths in Windows. The default way doesn't support spaces at the end of names. The other way, which very few programs use, does.

You can rename the folder in Opus by doing this:

[ul][li]Type \?\K:\MYRECORD into the location field. It should look like you're in the same place as before.
[li]Select the folder and push F2 to start renaming it.
[li]Remove the spaces from the end and hit return[/li][/ul]

After doing that you can access the folder as usual in Opus and everything else.

I expect the TV recorder will create more similar folders, though, which is a pain. It's something I would report to the manufacturer as creating folders with names like that will cause all sorts of problems.

Even Explorer (on Vista) has problems with such folders, BTW. Try deleting one and you'll get an error message.

[quote="leo"]From your screenshot it looks like the folder name has spaces at the end of it. That will cause problems with most software.
hi Leo!
i tought that you'll sove it! :frowning: cause your'e no.1 for those problems.

no. of course, i'll tryed to rename it. only remove spaces, erase all and give some short name.... still nothing.
same error shows:
"An error occurred renaming "20090401...." - The system cannot find the file specified. (2)"

yep! that is true. every recording make new folder. ok, it is little memory card, so, there is not so much folders and recordings, but still...
i'm surprised that you said that vista also have problems with such folders, because xp works fine.
at the end, it seems to me that i must accept such behaviour of dopus and "combine" my receiver's sd card with win explorer.

thanks one more time.
who knows, maybe some one has similar problem and solution.
i must wait!



You still got the error after adding \?\ on the front of the path? Hmm... weird. Dunno why that would work for me but not for you.

but now is only one difference in error window:
"an error occurred reading folder: the system cannot find the path specified (3)"
and it goes into loop until i press "abort" or "parent"

Weird. Maybe it only works in Vista or something. I don't have an XP machine nearby to try with at the mo.

don't worry leo. i'll try with freecommander forum, to see there, othervise, i'll continue to use win explorer with that receiver card. it's little longer but works (my computer - explore - k: - explore...)

maybe i'll find program for video editing that can open directly such files and bypass file menager.

thanks one more time!

best wishes!