Q: Rename group change sort order?

Hi there congrats on the release of v12. I just upgraded this morning. :thumbsup:

I have a quick question regarding Rename Groups and the menus they make. I love the feature, but is there a way that I can do a custom sort order for the menu entries? I think right now it seems to be limited to be sorted alphabetically unless I missed the option somewhere.

I don't think that is possible, but if it really matters to you one could reconstruct the whole menu with individual menu buttons (each containing the command below). That would allow you to organize them however you like. But as you created/deleted presets you'd also need to update them in the menu by adding/removing new menu buttons.

Another option is to add presets you commonly use to the menu right below the groups/categories (with below command).

Rename PRESET="Preset Name"

I assumed you were referring to the Rename menu drop down from Operations toolbar.

But if you're referring to the list of presets in the rename window itself, then what I described in last post doesn't work there.

Apart from Favorites at the top, and Uncategorized at the bottom, the Rename preset groups will always be alphabetical.

You could put a number at the start of each name to get a different order if you want that.

As Yonder says, you have more control in the toolbar menus, but that won't affect what you see in the Rename dialog's preset list.

Yes I was referring to the operation tool bar. OK thanks for the info. I'll see which one is better. I think the add a number at the start is the better option so I don't have to always add/remove buttons in the menu if I decide to change things later.