Q: renaming files via reg. ex.?


almost one year i switched to linux, and many thing from dopus simply wanished. so, i have one little problem.

from time to time i have to rename WAV files. as you know, or AFAIK, there is no program for renaming files that support wav files. so, i must use dopus. i found one [url]Sort Folders with name template DD-MMM-YYYY] , but problem.

for example. i have file named: 001 - track name - track artist. wav. with spaces. i must rename them into
001 - track artist - track name.wav.

for that part i use reg.ex rename with settings:
OLD NAME: (.)-(.)-(.).(.)
NEW NAME:\1-\3 -\2.wav or \1-\3 -\2.\4 (it's same thing)

BUT, after that i have one space extra at the end of name xxx - yyy - zzz .wav
as i said, many things i forgotted, and i simply do not know how to remove those spaces in several files. i use some other program for that, but, i simply don't beleive that is impossible to do in dopus.

so, is it possible to make reg.ex for that or make another button to do multiple task (rename and trim)?

please, help me!

many thanks in advance!

You just need to move the spaces outside of what you are matching:

OLD NAME: (.) - (.) - (.*).wav
NEW NAME: \1 - \3 - \2.wav

FANTASTIC!!!! million times thank you!!!!

work's like charm. i didn't think about OLD NAME spaces... :blush:

thank's a lot!!!!