Queries re upgrade install from version 8

This may well be covered in forums or somewhere - but is not in the FAQs and searches returned hundreds of threads...

Upgrade install from version 8:
I presume I can just install on top?
I bought a new license - can I install on top of the old & then change the certificate/license?
Is it possible or worthwhile to bring my version 8 settings to version 9?[/ul]

Probably not so many people upgrading at this stage (between versions) but it would be helpful if this info were in the FAQs - many thanks!


It might be worth using Opus 8 to back up your Opus 8 configuration first, just in case.

(I think the installer will offer to backup the config for you as part of the upgrade but I can't remember for sure. Only takes a second to do so you might as well.)

Yes. The previous Opus 8 licence won't be recognised by Opus 9 and it should prompt you for an Opus 9 licence shortly after you install. (If it doesn't, you can use Help -> Licence Manager.)

Yes, it is possible. The installer convert your Opus 8 config to an Opus 9 one. (I can't remember if it just does it, or if it asks whether or not you want to do it, but it's definitely possible.)

Whether it's worthwhile depends how much you've re-configured things.

If you've put a lot of time into your config and would miss it then you'll probably want to bring it to Opus 9.

On the other hand, if your config is largely the default that came with Opus 8, then you'll probably benefit more by not bringing it over. Instead go with the default Opus 9 config and change the few things that you changed before.

The default Opus 9 config has a bunch of extra things (toolbars/menus/hotkeys) added to it which you might find useful, and which you won't get if you import your old Opus 8 config. Of course, there's nothing that you cannot add/configure yourself. So it really depends how much you are into customizing Opus what the right answer is.

Thanks Leo!
IIRC the previous config was automatically imported during install - I'm happy to have all the shortcuts anyway (using a non-english keyboard so I've customised a lot) but will have to tidy & spruce up the rest to make if feel like a fresh install :slight_smile:

Is this a bug & if so, do you know if it's been reported (please tell me start a new thread if appropriate - I did a search but couldnt find it reported)

XP SP2 (otherwise uptodate)

See how the text below the bottom thumbnails is cut off even though I'm scrolled down as far as I can go

First, yes it should be discussed in a new thread with a descriptive title. Second, what you see in that screen grab above should not happen. Third, I cannot recreate what you see in that screen grab here on my PC (on Vista 32-bit or XP SP3).

Q: Can you reliably recreate these results? If so, what are the steps to recreate them?

Q: What happens when you adjust the thumbnail size?

Q: What happens when you close any open toolbars?

Q: What happens when you resize the lister window?

Q: What happens when you toggle dual file display mode between horizontal and vertical layout?

Submit an official support request to GPSoftware (see link in my signature) and provide as many details as you can. Keep in mind that if they cannot recreate the symptoms, it will be very difficult for them to troubleshoot the problem.