Question about {allfilepath|sep=,}


I've been playing with irfanViev for a while.
The command to create horizontal panorama picture from 3 images looks like this:

i_view32.exe "/panorama=(1,00.jpg,01.jpg,02.jpg)"

I found in Dopus manual that {allfilepath|sep=,} could be used to put selected files into that command line.

i_view32.exe "/panorama=(1,{allfilepath|sep=,})"

Unfortunately IrfanView throws an error when I run this.

Am I doing this correctly?

Give this a try:

@nofilenamequoting @set paths {allfilepath|sep=,} i_view32.exe "/panorama=(1,{$paths})"

If that still doesn't work, what is the error message?

That works