Question about license and cross-device syncing

Hello. I'm thinking of trying the trial of Dopus to use it on a PC and laptop. But since it is a complex program, I wanted to know a few things that are essential for me before I install the trial.

1 - The Directory Opus Pro Single license says I'm able to use it on "Single machine license plus one personal laptop". However, I use a big laptop as my fixed desktop computer and a separate ultrabook as my personal laptop. Will I still be able to use this license?

2 - Is there any way to sync settings and configs between these two devices? Or do I always have to configure them separately? If I change something on one device, will it sync to the other?

3 - If I apply tags to files that are synced through OneDrive and iCloud are the tags kept? Will I be able to see tags on both devices as long as I have Dopus installed on both? Will I have to apply tags on a per-device basis? Are tags only visible on the device they were created?

4 - What about file collections? Can these be kept synced between devices (using the same relative file-paths), or do I always have to create them on a per-device basis?

I've been trying to search for answers to these on the forums and internet for the past few days, but I can't seem to find definitive answers...

Thanks in advance

That's fine. More detail in Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions

You can use Settings > Backup & Restore to manually sync configs. The config data is also all normal files, so you can use roaming profiles (part of Windows, but usually only enabled in enterprise settings) or a tool which syncs the config folders if you need it to be automatic. That also lets you copy changes on a more granular level if e.g. you just want to copy a new toolbar from one PC to another while keeping other config details distinct.

It depends on the type of tags, and sometimes the types of files involved. Things like file comments may be stored inside the main body of the file, if the file format supports doing that. If it doesn't, they'll normally be stored in NTFS ADS. (Using descript.ion files is another option, but only for simple comments. Those can be synched, although cloud storage tools won't merge changes to them properly if both sides make changes before synching.)

For labels, not usually. Cloud storage almost always fails to sync NTFS ADS metadata. You have the option of storing the labels in the central config file, instead of in NTFS ADS, but then you'd need to sync the config file instead, and it would only work if the paths were identical on both machines. Labels in the config file also do not stay with files that get moved or renamed (they continue to point to the original path/name), unlike NTFS ADS labels.

They are stored in files so you could sync them. The paths would need to be identical on both machines. Collections may not be the right tool for the job, though, if you're aiming to make permanent lists of things. They're more suited to temporary lists, while things like Libraries (for merging folders) and junctions/hardlinks/symlinks (to collect things that are in lots of different places) are more suited to more permanent lists.

Thank you for the reply!

I know it has been a week but I have other question: can I do fulltext search in Dopus? Meaning, if I want to search for files across multiple directories, can Dopus find the searched term in the content of the files?

Yes, although it can depend on the types of files involved and/or if IFilters for those types are installed, if the text isn't in them in plain text.

It's generally the same as what Windows Search in terms of contents. (And you can use Windows Search itself within Opus, if you wish, although Opus also has its own Find Files panel that doesn't use it.)

If you need more detail on anything or have any other questions, please start new threads for them: