Question on Stored queries

Hi everyone,

I find a weird thing, that I can't show correct files in the stored queries (the right window below with query information), there is only one file searched.

While I am sure there are more files in the left windows (the target search directory)
Could you please advise how to overcome this issue? Thanks and appreciate for help in advance.

Does refreshing the New Stored Query2 folder bring in the new results? (e.g. F5 key)

Hi Leo,

Thanks for response.
F5 (Refresh) does not solve the issue.

I have 2 pc, 1 function normally, 1 function abnormally, I'm trying to find out difference here.

If you go to that folder snd type * into the search field, are all the files returned?

It may be worth trying in both Opus and File Explorer.

It’s possible Windows Search is excluding some of the files for some reason.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your suggestion, we can narrow down it's the issue within windows search setting.

  1. The wildcards work now after I reset index option
  2. The Advanced Query Syntax is not working, e.g. file, name, ext (I don't know why, I will test more options)

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Does the file: prefix work in File Explorer's search box? Opus just feeds it to Windows Search. (Tools > Find Files is Opus's own search functionality, independent of Windows Search.)

Things like file: can differ depending on the language/locale Windows is set to use, which complicates things as well.

The file: prefix does not work in file explorer
(Note: the text means no result found by file:clip* in temp test.)

It seems not a easy question for me to solve it now, so I would take Ctrl + F (opus search) to replace F3 (windows search result), since opus provide more reliable result.
Now I need to save the Ctrl + F result permanently and refresh it automatically every time I click the saved search.

Thank you Leo for providing timely help. : )


Hi Leo,
Issue solved by change system language to English.
It seems windows search syntax adopts system language setting, therefore I can't use "file" prefix, now

Yes, the "file:" prefix is different in every language, and we've never found a table that lists the prefixes for each language. It's a terrible (but typical :)) design & documentation on Microsoft's part.

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