Question on Titlecase rename script for music files

I have media files such as this... 07 By My Side.flac

If I run the rename script Titlecase on it it will change the leading "by" into lowercase even though it's supposed to always capitalize the first and last words in a title. I realize that this is because of the leading ##, so how can I tweak Titlecase to do this?


Or... could I use a RegEx rename that capitalizes the first letter only? Should I just try a 2 step approach that way?

Add this to the TitleCase script near the end, as shown in the screenshot below:

' Capitalise first non-numeric, non-space character. ' This is for music files like "07 By My Side.flac" which don't have a dash after their track numbers. For i = 1 to len(strNewName) if (not IsNumeric(mid(strNewName,i,1))) and mid(strNewName,i,1) <> " " then strNewName = mid(strNewName,1,i-1) & Ucase(mid(strNewName,i,1)) & mid(strNewName,i+1) exit for end if Next

Awesome. That worked perfectly.

Thanks Leo. I've now added this code to the Titlecase script permanently. It can be re-downloaded from the Titlecase Script topic.