Question re USB export

If I export Dopus to a thumb drive then fire it up on another PC, should the portable version be a replica of my customised main install, or should it look like a default installation?

I ask this because I've setup Dopus with a few extra button on some of the toolbars, got it looking just the way I want it. As I'm sure everyone does!

But my portable version, as fired up on a mate's PC looks like a "just installed" version.

My customised toolbar is available but I have to keep turning it on.


The first time you export Opus to a USB stick, the result should look the same as your main install at the time of the export.

When exporting over the top of an existing USB copy, you'll be asked whether you want to update program and the config or just the program.

Hi Leo, thanks for that.

I just tested it on a freshly formatted thumbdrive and still it's not the same as my main install.

I can post images or files if that would let you give me some more ideas?

Thanks, Steven

Yes please, screenshots of how the main and USB versions look should help understand what's happening.

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Hi Leo, thanks for offering to help.

The first image is Dopus on my main PC, the second is the portable version on a freshly formatted USB drive.

You'll see that I've added "View" "Go" Favorites" "FTP" and "Help" are on the text menu toolbar, and that the other toolbars are quite different as well.

What options did you have selected on the Select Export Options page when you did the export to USB?

I left everything at their defaults. After choosing that particular USB drive these were:
"Both versions"
All plugins selected
No languages selected
Help files - everything ticked except "Images used by your current configuration" (greyed out so not selectable anyway)
Click next to proceed...

Does the computer you are trying to run the USB version on already have Opus installed?

No it doesn't.
The PC it's installed on is Win 7, 64 bit.
The computer I tested it on for the purposes of the images above is an old Win XP 32 bit.
I've also tried it (the USB) on the Win 7, 64 bit PCs we have at work. None of which have Opus installed and on all it fired up looking like in my second image.

If you type /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into the location field, there should be a toolbars.oxc file.

It's an XML file so you can look at it in the viewer pane or a text editor.

Does that file have the same contents on both versions?

If you then go up one level, and into the Buttons folder, there should be a bunch of .dop files, one for each of your toolbars. Do the two versions have similar files in there?

Hi Guys,

Yes, "toolbars.oxc" is identical on both installed and USB versions, and the "buttons" folder contains identical files even down to the dates and filesizes as folllows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ListerMenu.dop Toolbar.dop Drives.dop Pathbar.dop

That looks right, at least.

The only unusual thing is that the config file was last saved by Opus 9, but if you haven't changed which toolbars are visible since upgrading to Opus 10 then that could be the case without it indicating anything wrong.

If you change which toolbars are visible on the USB version, and then fully exit Opus, does it cause the config file you were looking at to change? (The change may not be saved until Opus is exited.)

Did you definitely use the /dopusdata alias to find the config files in both cases, without taking the shortcut of going to the same path (or directly to where you knew the config was) in either case? It's possible there's more than one copy of the config on the USB stick and/or one of the harddrives, which might confuse things, but using the /dopusdata alias will always take you to where the config files are for the running instance of Opus.

Hi Leo,

I've done some investigating and can report back the following:

I have in the past changed which toolbars are visible since upgrading to Opus 10. I've changed them again today and toolbars.oxc continues to show the line on both my main and on the USB version of Opus, even after I've made a change to which toolbars are visible. So there's one odd thing.

Yes the config file changes and the changes stick.

Yes I did. There's definitely only one copy of the config file on each device, I've just done whole drive searches. On the hard drive that copy is at is C:\Users\steven\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles but I got to it via the alias you gave me.

Now here's a really interesting fact:

My main install of Opus IS exporting toolbars.oxc correctly as you saw in my example above. Nevertheless when I open Opus USB version I am seeing the default layout. What I've just discovered is that after then closing and exiting Opus, toolbars.oxc is then re-written to reflect the default layout. Even though I've made no changes.

If I then exit and re-start Opus and make changes to the visible toolbars, my changes stick. Heck, I can even re-copy toolbars.oxc from the main install and have it open from USB looking just as it does on the main PC.

So I now have a work-around for my problem!