Question related to workaround for slow sftp speeds

I was tinkering around with the posh-ssh ps module and I thought to myself that I could maybe mitigate the issue I have with slow sftp speeds by navigating the directories with dopus but have posh-ssh handle the drag and drops or anything file transfer related.

I could make a send to context menu button but for it to be truly a complete workaround I feel like it would be nice to have that behavior for drag and drop, copy paste, etc.

Basically just replace the regular file transfer interface for sftp only by a ps window that could even be hidden behind a gui box.

That would solve the issue for me while being mostly seamless.

Just wondering if it is possible and worth looking into.

Thanks again.

For Paste, you could change what the Ctrl+V hotkey does to run a script that looks at where the files are coming from, but I suspect it would end up quite complicated.

For drag & drop, it might be possible by changing the All Files And Folders events, but I have a feeling the events are hardcoded for FTP/SFTP (since most alternative commands wouldn't work with remote files).

Thanks again, I'll stick to send to for now then, It's not that big of a deal at least for me since I'm mostly using the same folders each time.

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